Thinking about starting up a business in GPS vehicle tracking? Be careful to choose the right platform

The GPS tracking market is full of obsolete platforms. Think differently

Many GPS tracking companies annoy their customers with over-complicated software and useless features only an occasional geek would use.

As a service provider, you should have a different goal than to push your customers into buying things they don’t need.

So, when thinking about the right software platform, bear in mind that you can make a huge difference with offering a light and user-friendly interface.

Put the user first

Satelon GPS tracking platform is most probably the first user-oriented software on the market. We developed it after spending years in the business and after conducting an international research on customer needs and expectations.

We found out that vast majority of customers get confused when working with their tracking platforms. They actually use only about 20 % of their platform’s features.

With Satelon, the customers get exactly what they need – served on a silver plate. The platform is based on intuitive approach that make workflow faster. It also makes use of a few completely new ideas that came directly from the customers.

See for yourself!

Our system is easy as 1,2,3

1) Quick map overview on main screen

2) Interactive log book

3) Calendar view for all vehicles

What business model do you prefer?

Whether or not you have experience in vehicle tracking or fleet management, we have a business model just for you. We cooperate with long established companies and complete newcomers alike. We also partner with companies that made GPS tracking their side business (and a profitable one).

We offer various models of cooperation, ranging from franchising to white label solutions. We can help you with marketing and website development, we provide high-tech GPS tracking units. And if you already have a network of GPS trackers online, we can connect those to Satelon in no time.

You decide, whether you want to use your own corporate identity or ours. We will support almost any thinkable scheme of business anf marketing cooperation.

Don’t just watch a demo. Use the live version

Have a look. Here you can see how Satelon works with real data from live GPS trackers mounted in real life vehicles.

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