How to start GPS tracking business with Satelon

It doesn't matter if you are new to the business of GPS tracking or a battle-hardened veteran. With Satelon, you are bringing a whole new concept to the area of vehicle tracking. Your customers will love it.

The idea (and the people) behind Satelon

It didn't emerge out of nothing. Satelon was developed by one of the most successful Central European GPS tracking companies. Drawing on our +10 years of experience, we decided to create a tracking platform that the customers actually love to use.

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Get into business in vehicle tracking with us

We believe that Satelon is a GPS tracking platform, that really deserves to be spread among the customers. Worldwide.

We also believe that Satelon is a perfect product both for established providers and newcomers to the business.

To help our business partners, we have developed 3 business models: Distribution, White Label and Franchising.

3 Satelon business models - Choose the one that suits you best!

Distribution - Something new for your customers

You know your own customers. You know that a vehicle monitoring service would suit them well.

Why not add Satelon to your product portfolio, then? It's light, simple and user-friendly. Your clients will love it.

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White Label - A new product in a familiar package

Let's be honest. Is your GPS tracking platform up-to-date, fast and easy to use? Or is it getting old and heavy with features nobody ever uses?

Give your customers something new. With Satelon White Label, you will get our platform redesigned according to your own corporate identity.

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Franchizing - For newcomers in the vehicle tracking market

With Satelon Franchizing, you are getting a truly all-inclusive business solution.

We provide everything: from GPS tracking devices to customized website, tech-support or marketing materials. All you need to do is find your customers.

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How to get started

Are you interested in Satelon? Do you want to give it a try? Get started today:

Partner with a local car service that will install tracking devices for you. Get in touch with us. Set up your own Satelon platform. Get ahead of your competition with a game-changing product.

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