Looking at 2019 logs: what an adventurous year!

Another year passed by. What challenges did it bring and how did our GPS trackers cope? Take a short look at some examples provided by our Czech distributor GPS Dozor.

These guys broke national record in mileage in electric car

1 electric car, 3 drivers, 24 hours, 1 823 kilometers. Our tracker measured a successful attempt to break the national record. The aim was to cover the longest distance in 24 hours in an electric car. It was undertaken by a crew of e-mobility journalists from fDrive magazine. They spent more than 18 hours behind the wheel and just over 5 hours charging.

A classic T3 COUPÉ tram as part of the WebExpo conference

A classic Czech T3 COUPÉ tram was part of last year's Webexpo 2019 web developer conference. The tram traveled through Prague and held interesting lectures and discussions. A GPS tracker allowed the conference participants to know exactly where to catch it.

New adventurers and travelers on the board

This year we met a few new people who inspired us with their adventurous ideas. Jan Duraj has crossed the whole Czech Republic on foot. He did not do it just for pleasure, but to raise money for a charity. We provided a tracker to count every step of this journey.

Filip Tomášek set out on a journey to Georgia. That’s nothing special, we hear you say. Well, he rode on an vintage moped Babetta! His friends, followers and loved ones could track his journey thanks to our GPS technology.

We also supported a very interesting expedition. This one was about exploring the Lapland wilderness on self-made vessels.

Here’s to our old friends

We continued support of other activities that took place also in the previous years. We lent our technology to prestigious running race series Czechrun. We helped ultra-runner Tomáš Dvořák to run 1 035 km across Slovakia and Czech republic. Another Czech Hitchhiking Championship as well as X-Challenge went great with our outdoor-ready personal GPS trackers. And those bikers from Mototrips enjoyed one of the world’s most beautiful roads, the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland.

We’re ready, 2020!

What’s next? One thing is certain: we will continue to support any kind of adventure that will put our GPS tracking technology in the test.

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