Track fuel consumption and prevent fuel theft with the Satelon tracking platform

Next Satelon's benefit for the end consumers: Is the fuel consumption of your fleet high? Maybe even suspiciously too high? Find out what (or who) is the cause of the problem and deal with it once and for all.

Reports and statistics in Satelon. Get the fleet data you really need

In fleet management, there’s no improvement without data. But to start, you need an exact and reliable source of such data. And you need a tool to prepare the right reports. Satelon is a platform that can perform all these tasks. With no extra costs at all.

Finish the Giro d'Italia on a kick scooter? The Kick Italy 2017 team did it. We have a proof!

3572 km, 21 stages. On a kick scooter. And with a GPS tracker that recorded it all.

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