Video Tutorials 21. 09. 2018

Video tutorials: Main screen & Log book

We would like to introduce you video tutorials of Satelon features on main screen and Electronic log book.

Main screen features


Take a look at Satelon's main screen. It is simple, but shows all the things you need to see in a main view.

The main screen is divided into 2 parts: a list of your vehicles and a map view, showing the vehicles' current position. These two parts are interconnected: an action on the maps redefines the view of the list. Selecting a specific vehicle on the list will highlight its position on the map. By selecting a blue target icon next to a vehicle on the list, the focus of the map will shift. Now you can see the vehicle's position in detail. Clicking a white target icon will zoom the map back into broader overview of all vehicles.

Click on a vehicle in the map. It will show all the details you may need to know: current location, speed, time of travel, current trip mileage and more. 

You can resize either side of the screen by dragging the division line.

Another useful feature is hidden under the flag icon in the map view. It shows the distance and travel time to a selected position based on current traffic conditions. You can also view a selected route to the position in Google Maps.

Log book

The log book feature in the Satelon tracking platform is very easy to use. It shows detailed information about all trips of a selected vehicle.

After opening the selected vehicle's log book records, you can see a calendar. Select required days in the calendar with a mouse and the log book will show all trips that took place in the selected period. The map view will change to show the selected trips. You can view or un-view any (or all) of the trips on the map by clicking on a check-box next to every trip in the log book.

By clicking on the blue target icon, the map zooms in on this specific trip. The route is also highlighted now. 

The “Details” button will show detailed information on the trip. Here you can replay the trip on the map at various speeds using the playback buttons. After pausing the playback, the map reads the location, speed and distance information about the vehicle at given time.

A StreetView picture of the situation will appear in the log book when playback is paused (right under the playback buttons). That enables you to see the place the vehicle was going through. This new feature is not yet presented in the video, so please take a look at the picture below.

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