Video Tutorials 22. 11. 2018

Video tutorials: Calendar & Reports

Do you want to know everything about our exclusive system? Watch our video tutorials and become a pro in working with Satelon system. Tutorials for today: Calendar and Reports.


The calendar feature makes vehicle monitoring easier. It brings an instant view of all your vehicles’ trips in a specific time. It is an innovative design created for the users – it presents the log book data in a very comprehensive way.

You can choose between 3 views:  weekly, monthly and daily. When clicking the Calendar tab, it opens with weekly view. You can flip trough the other views by clicking on the buttons above the calendar.

The list of vehicles on the left hand part of the screen interacts with the calendar. Selecting a vehicle will highlight its activity in the calendar.

The daily view is the most comprehensive. It presents all the trips details such as time and position of start and end of the trip, driver identification, mileage and time of travel.


Creating a report is an easy job with Satelon. You can generate a quick report using a predefined template or you can customize it to suit your specific needs.

How to create a quick report?

Generate a report with a few clicks with our Basic Trips Report template. Just open the reports tab, select the template and that’s it!

The report can be downloaded or printed. It is also stored in the system along the last generated reports.

Creation a custom report and setting up regular e-mail reporting

Under the reports tab, choose Create new report. Select vehicles to be incorporated in the report and pick a reported interval. For regular e-mail reports, choose the Floating interval option (e.g. last month).

You can then design the report layout and contents by picking desired report parameters. There is a plenty of parameters and values to choose from, so you can create a document precisely suited to your needs.

In the next step, you can allow scheduled reports by e-mail. Just pick a day of month, set a sending time and fill in recipient’s email address (or more addresses).

You can choose a name for your report, then check that everything is okay and hit the “Shedule and generate” button. You don’t need to stop working and wait for the report - Satelon will prepare it in the background. Your custom report will arrive in your mailbox on the scheduled date and time. 

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