Track fuel consumption and prevent fuel theft with the Satelon tracking platform

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Is the fuel consumption of your fleet high? Maybe even suspiciously too high? Find out what (or who) is the cause of the problem and deal with it once and for all.

Fleet management means dealing is with fuel every day. You constantly search for the best fuel for the lowest price and try to optimize consumption. Fuel management also means to detect “leaks” or fuel theft. The Satelon vehicle tracking platform can help you with all of that.

Satelon records various vehicle traffic data. In addition to the vehicle's position, it also monitors its speed and other information. Such data are the basis of an automatically generated log book and other reports. Satelon can also monitor whether all vehicles move within a predefined territory.

The platform is very apt for fuel management, too: fuel consumption and refueling tracking as well as monitoring the lowest fuel price is an easy job for Satelon.

Fuel tracking - manually or automated

With Satelon, you can keep track of fueling of each of your vehicles. You can manually enter refueling (from fuel bills) or use the data import function from common fueling cards.

The fuel logs are displayed in the log book. You instantly see the quantity, price and the position of refueling. This also gives you information on fuel costs at individual gas stations on the route or in a particular territory, which you can take into account when optimizing fuel costs.

Reliable fuel consumption tracking ...

Satelon’s advanced software uses the fuel consumption data to calculate real consumption of each vehicle. The calculation is based on each car model characteristics (e.g. model consumption) as well as driving style analysis and actual route profile data.  (For even more accurate fuel consumption tracking, the GPS tracker can be connected directly to the CAN bus of the vehicle.)

The consumption data are available for each individual trip. You can also view the average vehicle’s consumption over a longer, user-defined period (per day, month, quarter, etc.) in the log book.

... will save you from unpleasant surprises

In addition to concise log book and fuel consumption tracking, the Satelon platform is also useful for detecting and preventing fuel theft.

Because the software automatically evaluates fuel consumption for each trip, finding out about any discrepancy between fueling and real consumption is only a matter of time.

Together with the driver ID feature, you will quickly find the culprit. But it is not catching the thief that is the most important. The change comes directly after declaring the fact that the fuel consumption of company vehicles is being tracked. When the employees know, suddenly there is a drop in fuel consumption and theft. Such great is the preventive (and cost-saving) effect of this measure.

Reports and statistics

With Satelon, you have a platform for advanced data operation at your side. Both preset and custom reports offer countless possibilities to report, print, or export data to third-party applications.

Thanks to the high performance of our servers, you can process vehicle operation and fuel consumption data of an entire fleet over many years’ period. Satelon’s powerful processors will crunch all the data in the background, while you can go on with your everyday tasks in the application.

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