Reports and statistics in Satelon. Get the fleet data you really need

In fleet management, there’s no improvement without data. But to start, you need an exact and reliable source of such data. And you need a tool to prepare the right reports. Satelon is a platform that can perform all these tasks. With no extra costs at all.

Report templates and easy data export

There is a powerful module for reporting in the Satelon vehicle tracking platform. It can generate reports based on all data stored in the system.

To make reporting easy for the users, we have prepared templates based on most frequent requests from our retail customers. With these, creating reports on travel history, refueling or fuel consumption is a matter of just a few clicks.

Completed report will stay accessible within the platform. But you can also save them in various file formats: Excel spreadsheets, PDF or HTML documents as well as formats for specialized fleet management software.

Need a really special (or really big) report? Satelon is ready

When predefined report templates are not for you, you can easily create your own. Select the data you need, set reporting frequency, set sharing options. It is quick and intuitive.

After you have saved your template, the system will automatically send reports to your e-mail (and other peoples’, if you want to).

When managing vast fleets, the sheer amount of data to be analyzed can be a problem. In Satelon reporting module, this is not an issue. Our powerful serves will crunch that data for you, silently in the background, while you can work with the platform without any limitation.  When the crunching is done, you’ll receive a notification.

Statistics, charts and tables

Analyze the log book data directly in the tracking platform. Satelon generates charts and tables easily and comprehensively. A visual aid can tell more than a thousand numbers as can be seen in our chart of speed progression or integrated path player.

Statistics will also come handy in case of speeding reports of detailed driving style reports generated for individual drivers.

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