Reinventing the GPS monitoring platform. How we found out what the customers really need

GPS vehicle monitoring works. It works quite a few years by now. It is a successful technology that saves its users real money. It can also save property from being stolen. So how did we realize, that this technology can be improved? And how did we actually improve it?

Our company started as a small distributor outlet. We were selling a robust, well-built vehicle monitoring platform. It was a success. The system was quite reliable and could be upgraded with custom add-ons and API interface.

We managed to sell this platform to many customers. Small companies and multinational corporations alike.

But there was a catch. Some clients were not happy with the everyday usage of the system And many potential clients didn't buy it in the end, despite its undeniable benefits.  

Listening to the customers and paying attention

Years passed by and we started to pay attention to what the customers were saying. We scrutinized their complaints and asked more question about the way they use the product.

The conclusions were all coming to one thing: “This platform is confusing and slows us down instead of improving our work. We don't need such a complex system. We only use the basic features.”

Searching for an alternative

At that time, we did what any distributor would do. We set off to find another GPS monitoring platform. A better one. One that would suit our customers.

But there wasn't any in sight.

The problem with GPS monitoring is that it started as a specialist, scientific-grade, “nerdy” technology. It was meant for use in military, air traffic or conquering Mt. Everest.  

When it became more affordable, the “nerdy” part somehow survived. It was like the providers were saying: “Look what can our technology do! Look at all those fantastic features!”

But the customers really didn't need all those fantastic features. What we found out is that 80 % of vehicle monitoring users actually use only 20 % of features their platform provides.

The most used features:

Reinventing the vehicle tracking technology

After 10 years in the business, endless hours of customer feedback and countless nights spent re-thinking the system, we decided to built a new platform ourselves. Fast, lean, user-friendly.

We named it Satelon. It has gained thousands of customers worldwide in no time. We knew this would happen, because it is made for the average user, not for computer scientists.

Do you want to take a look at it? Clik here to see a live demo with real vehicles. See for yourself how intuitive and easy-to-use it is.

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