Is Satelon the right product for your business?

Satelon is a vehicle tracking platform that works. It works for just about any user. But will it work for your business objectives? Look at various ways of cooperation we offer to our business partners.

Finding the right solution for your business

At Satelon, we understand that every one of our partners has different needs and goals. That's why we have prepared more than just a one model of cooperation that fit to your objectives.

Broaden your business portfolio

Is vehicle tracking just another opportunity you want to grab? Do you want to resell a complete product to your customers?

Become a Satelon distributor. We will provide anything you need, from user-friendly tracking platform to high-tech GPS devices. And don't forget technical support and training.

Read more about the Distribution business model.

Already in vehicle tracking business? Looking for an upgrade?

We have an upgrade for you. You might even call it a revolution. The Satelon vehicle tracking system brings many news into the world of GPS tracking. Above all, it is finally a platform that focuses on user experience and values efficiency.

Is that something you want to provide to your customers? Then let's do it: we have a White Label solution for you. A platform that will go under your brand name, redesigned according to your own corporate identity.

We can help you with seamless migration to the new system. But you can also run Satelon alongside your own platform. Or you can let your customers decide which platform they want to use. Satelon works with just about any HW tracking unit, which means that your customers will not have to undergo any fuss.

Interested? We can arrange free testing for you. Test Satelon with your vehicles, with your own GPS trackers, with everything under your control.

Start a vehicle tracking business with our franchizing model

Thinking about starting up in vehicle tracking business? We have you covered.

With our Franchizing business model, all you need to do is find customers. We provide the rest: from GPS tracking devices to customized website, tech-support or marketing materials.

You can start with confidence. Satelon is a fine-tuned platform that brings many benefits to any user. It is a highly-sophisticated system with the most user-friendly UX you will find on the market.

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