Connecting the GPS locator to the CAN bus of the vehicle brings the most accurate vehicle monitoring

Vehicle tracking systems can quite accurately estimate vehicle consumption or driver's driving style. But if you can connect your vehicle tracking platform to the cars’ on-board computers, you get data at a whole new level.

Even the car has a trip computer

Modern vehicles are computer controlled. The control unit makes sure that the engine and all the other systems work.

This computer is accessible through an interface called CAN (controller area network). When connected, you have access to various metrics of the vehicle.

Gateway to information

Some models of GPS locators can connect to the CAN interface. This capability allows you to exploit yet another dimension to GPS localization. With the right tracking platform, the CAN bus data can be very valuable .

Fuel consumption measurement

Perhaps the most interesting option for fleet owners and fleet managers is fuel consumption tracking with absolute precision. Undistorted fuel consumption figures are a clear signal showing, for example, those workers who like to get a little bit of gasoline or diesel to themselves. Of course, the employer pays the bill.

Consumption metrics can be combined with driver identification. This information is not only used for curbing fuel theft but can also reveal the driving efficiency of individual employees.

Tachometer data without copying

The direct connection to the vehicle's tachometer provides accurate and up-to-date mileage data. The numbers also fit into the automatically generated log book records.

Many more details about the vehicle’s operation

The vehicle tracking system can collect a range of other data from the on-board computer. It records every push of the accelerator pedal, continuously measures the engine speed or, for example, the coolant temperature.

In Satelon, all these figures are shown in well-arranged graphs, from which it is easy to see how the individual drivers drive. Aggressive driving, engine revving and abusing of the service vehicles can be identified with a glance. Such data can then serve as a basis for financial evaluation of drivers.

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