2018. Another adventurous year for Satelon

The year 2018 was full of opportunities for Satelon tracking technology to play its role in various adventures. We and our local distributors couldn't say no to any of these!

Running, hitchhiking, kayaking…

Satelon is a firm part of many outdoor, adventure and sports events in the Czech republic, where the platform is being distributed by our partner. Such events are a great opportunity to test our software and hardware in difficult conditions. 

One of these long lasting projects finished in 2018. It was called Kayak Around Europe. A young adventurer Jiri Oliva spent 3 year kayaking (you have probably guessed it by now) around the shore of Europe. The goal wasn't fully reached, but still - Jiri has travelled 11 543 miles on his kayak, and that is really something!

Each year, your GPS trackers play a key role in prestigious road running races in the most beautiful Czech cities. In every race of the Runczech series, the fans could track the best men and women runners online thanks to the Satelon personal tracking technology.

A sturdier version of our personal GPS trackers helped to keep an eye on the Czech hitchhiking championship contestants. This year's challenge was to get to Macedonia and back the most efficient way - a journey 5.500 km long!

The technology was handy also for an adventurous LowCost Race. Here, the contestants had to travel around vast part of Europe and visit 40 checkpoints in 10 days. With less than 200 EUR at their disposal.

New challenges: kickscooter and Admenture

There were two new ideas that caught our attention. The first one was an epic kickscooter ride of Marek Jelinek, who went right through Asia. His goal was to raise money for the poorest kids in Bangladesh. With our support, his travels went online for anyone to see. 

Another great adventure connected fathers with their sons in a most unusual way. The Admenture is a race, adventure and journey consisting of many challenges for a father-son couple. We were happy to provide GPS tracking to them!

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